What Is Your Hobby?

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What do you do in your spare time? What is it that you enjoy doing that has nothing to do with work?

Do you have a hobby that you enjoy doing for the sake of doing it? A hobby that is not a means to some other greater end but is an end in and of itself?

You might say that a hobby is for a retiree. A hobby is for those who got time on their hands. Perhaps, you secretly think that a hobby is a waste of time. (gasp!)

But a hobby is not an accessory, or even a luxury. It’s an essential.

A hobby has a lot of benefits. Read this article.

Basically, a hobby can not only bolster your emotional and mental health but also boost your energy to tackle any laborious day. Having one or two hobbies is especially helpful during quarantine. For the sake of your well-being, get a hobby!

What is a good hobby?

  • I’ve been scrolling through social media for hours after work. I’m enjoying my hobby.
  • I’ve been binge-watching The Queen’s Gambit for the third time. I can’t get enough of Anya Taylor-Joy. I’m enjoying my hobby.
  • I’ve been playing XBOX with my friends every night. It’s my hobby.

Yes, hobby is good for you. It can give you an emotionally healthy life. But, there’s a qualifier. Not all hobbies are born equal. In fact, you should avoid the examples mentioned above.

So what is a good hobby then? These questions may guide you.

1. How do you feel after you’ve done the activity?

You don’t have to necessarily feel a sense of accomplishment. But, it’s important that you feel refreshed after the activity. A hobby is supposed to be a source of rest and refreshment. You should be full of energy and high in spirit afterwards. If you feel more tired and drained after engaging in the activity, you should consider doing other activities.

2. How invested are you?

I think it’s okay to invest a lot of time in the activities you enjoy. Some hobbies take up hours, even days. And that’s fine! However, if your hobby takes up more time and energy and financial resources than your main vocation, then perhaps you need to take some time away from the said hobby to see if it’s really a hobby or an obsession. After all, your hobby should give you the energy you need to excel in other areas of your life such as work or family. No hobby is worth sacrificing your family life. :)

The key to finding a good hobby for you is to see if

  1. Do I feel refreshed and renewed?
  2. Does it interfere with other responsibilities?

Find a hobby that refreshes you so you can live your life full of energy!



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