The Infinite Game

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There are two kinds of games in this world. One is infinite and the other is finite.

In a finite game, we have fixed rules, clearly identified players, limited game time, and most importantly, winners and losers.

An infinite game, on the other hand, rules change from time to time and from situation to situation, players come and go as games are played, unlimited game time, and most importantly no winners and losers, just survivors.

Simon Sinek categorizes life as the infinite game. Winning the game of life is not about squashing the other players. It’s more about collaboration and cooperation (not competition!) that will help you play (and stay in!) the game longer.

The the most important virtue in the infinite game of life, then, is change.

Change is expected and it’s necessary because we are playing the infinite game to survive and thrive. We are not here to win. We are here to survive and thrive together as long as we can. In survival, adaptability is the most valuable asset.

  • What kind of mindset do you have about life?
  • Do you feel like life is a competition? Do you believe you can either be a winner or a loser?
  • Or are you comfortable with the idea of change?

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

But when you play the infinite game of life, you change and adapt.




Be empowered to empower others.

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N. Jerry Cho

N. Jerry Cho

Be empowered to empower others.

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