If You Want To Focus, Then Visualize

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t multitask. Maybe it’s just because my brain is getting rusty and old. But, truth be told. I can’t multitask.

It would be productive and efficient to multitask, I’m sure.

“Look what I can do! I can write this paragraph, carry a conversation with my friends, and listen to my favorite podcast all at the same time!”

Yes. That sounds very prolific. But is it worth it? Even if I can multitask. Should I?

I know time is gold and doing multiple tasks at once sounds very enticing. But, is doing more really that important in the grand scheme of things? Are we working to live or living to work? Should we praise doing more work in less time as a model lifestyle?

Truth be told. If that’s the definition of a life worth living, I guess life isn’t that worth living!

In my opinion, instead of looking for ways to multitask, we should look for ways to increase focus.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. I think it’s much better to focus on doing one task well.

Here’s how you can increase the level of focus when doing things.

The key word in how to focus is “visualize.”

Imagine in detail what you are about to do. Is it writing a paragraph? Is it having a conversation with your friends? Or is it listening to your favorite podcast? Whatever the task is, visualize yourself doing that task before you actually do it. As you imagine yourself doing the task, you’ll notice that you tend to focus better when you do the task in real life.

The best way to visualize your doing the work is to tell it like a story. Journaling is a great way to visualize. Simply, write about how you would tackle the task in your journal. You can get as detailed as you can. The more specific your story is, the better you will be able to focus later.



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