Finding Your Uniqueness

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You are unique.

What makes you unique can be determined by how you respond to your circumstances. Many can experience a similar situation but not all their reactions will be the same because everyone is unique.

That means, as you examine carefully your past stories and the decisions you’ve made, you can find out about what makes your life different.

Ask yourself, what events made an impression on you the most? Who were the most influential in your life?

What you remember about your past can be the clue that allows you to peek at what you deeply care about. It can help you find your unique purpose in life.

  • Many people watch kung fu movies. But not everyone remembers them as being impressive or inspiring.
  • Many people learn to play an instrument in school. But not all of them experience that the same way.
  • For some people, Tolstoy’s War and Peace will change their lives. But, the same book will make some hate books.

Here’s how you find your uniqueness.

  1. Block out an hour or so.
  2. Sit with a pen and a notebook.
  3. And think about five different events or people that really had an impact on your life. They can be either positive or negative.
  4. After you complete your list, write down why you picked those. Why did you choose this event out of all the events in your life? What’s so special about the person you picked?

As you answer these questions, you’ll start to see what you really care about. You’ll start to notice your uniqueness and what makes you YOU.

For example, as I was looking back at my life examining my own list of impactful events and people, I noticed that I found myself getting involved in creative endeavors like making movies and writing stories. I kept asking why those things were impressive to me. Then I realized that the reason I created stories was because I loved the idea of being in the creative process. It was nice having written stories. But what I profoundly enjoyed was the very process of writing and creating. I loved staring at the blank page pondering what was about to be born onto the page. I loved looking through a thesaurus to choose the right word as I was editing the manuscript. I loved the fact that I was in control during the course of writing. I knew I valued creativity. But now I know that I crave the process of creating to be exact. This unique view on creativity may not be shared by everyone. And that’s okay! In fact, that’s what makes me one of a kind.

What do you value? What makes you different? What makes you unique?




Be empowered to empower others.

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N. Jerry Cho

N. Jerry Cho

Be empowered to empower others.

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