Be A Lifelong Learner

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Brian Tracy is all about being a lifelong learner. We are living in a time in history where survival depends on continuous education. We simply won’t survive out there without lifelong learning. We are not talking about getting a higher degree. We need to increase the skills we have that make us better at what we do in our jobs. Not only that, we have to make ourselves irreplaceable. When it’s difficult to replace you with others because of your skills, you’ve made yourself invaluable and highly marketable.

You need to make a specific plan to develop your skills and learn new ones that if you were good at them, it would make you excellent at your job. What is such skill? Is it learning how to write? Learning how to code? Learning another language? It could be getting a certificate. Now, Tracy suggests that you set aside at least 10 hours a week to learn and develop this skill. Be a lifelong learner.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the average lifespan of a job these days is much shorter than before. Meaning, you’ll have to change your job or career couple of times in your lifetime. All the more reasons that we should all be lifelong learners.




Be empowered to empower others.

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N. Jerry Cho

N. Jerry Cho

Be empowered to empower others.

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