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Here is a few things I learned at random from reading BT’s Master Your Time, Master Your Life.

1. What is a goal unachieved? It’s just an unsolved problem. You don’t have a problem! You have goals that are to be achieved.

2. You become what you think about most of the time. What do you think about right now?

3. In order to achieve your goal, assume that there is an answer just waiting to be found.

4. Now, put #2 and #3 together. The more you think about solutions, the more solutions you will discover.



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Jonathan Milligan and others emphasize that you need to zoom in on who you want to help. If you are not sure of your audience, your target group, you’ll have hard time providing effective help to serve others. Remember. You can’t be a good help if you do not choose a specific audience.

Here’s a list of helpful questions to figure out your audience

1. Do you enjoy learning about this group?

2. Are you passionate about them?

3. Do you have experience or skills related to them?

4. Does this group have a problem to solve? What kind of problem?

5. Are other businesses earning money helping this group?

6. Do you want to serve them?